DIY Naturals #2 – Eyeliner

This one was…interesting. 

Welcome to #2 in my ‘DIY Naturals’ series. If this is your first time reading my blog or one of my posts, do me a favor. Go back real quick and read one of my other posts about something that actually worked. 

I was horribly misled on this one. The blogosphere and world wide interwebz are full of happy tutorials promising a bold, creamy eyeliner made out of natural, household objects. Using varying combinations of coconut oil, aloe vera gel, and activated charcoal, these people produce beautiful pictures of great looking makeup. It’s enough to make anyone think they can master it. 

Let me tell you now, it is ALL a lie. I don’t know what kind of witchcraft these ladies are practicing, but they’ve clearly had a few go-rounds with a spellbook and cauldron. 

I started out following a basic combination. A few squirts of aloe very gel, 2 tsp of coconut oil, and 2 activated charcoal capsules. (This being my second experiment with the capsules, anyone looking at my hands would swear on their mother’s grave that I’ve been a miner all my life.) 

I mixed these together with a beheaded Q-tip and was pleased to see a dark black cream take shape in the bowl. “Great!” I thought in my ignorance, “I’ll be done in ten minutes!” Here is my blank canvas: 


A couple disclaimers here before I go any further. 1, the lighting in my bathroom is pretty awful. 2, any selfie I take is awful. 3, I’ve never used an eyeliner brush before today so go easy. 

I dipped my newly-purchased eyeliner brush into the concoction and went to work. 

Or I would have, if I could have managed to get any of it onto my eyelid. 

It just wouldn’t stick. This is the best I could get with concoction #1:



Not really the effect I was going for. 

It seemed that there was too much moisture in this mix. I moved on to a fresh bowl and put in another two capsules, and this time added a few drops of water. This makes a very dry, very chunky paste. I then added just the slightest bit of aloe vera gel. This mixture was still a bit drier and much chunkier. 



It was also just as useless. I could not get it to stick to my eyelid. I do tend to have oily skin, but this was getting ridiculous, as well as SUPER messy. What I needed was a way to dissolve the charcoal, but still keep it dry enough so it wasn’t sliding everywhere. I grabbed bowl number 3 and started again. This time I added two activated charcoal capsules and about an equal measure of corn starch. Then, instead of any oils, I slowly added water only. The result was pretty ugly. 


BUT IT WORKED. You’ll notice this one looks slightly muted because of the white cornstarch, but more charcoal would make it darker. This is the only one I was able to get to stay on my skin. It wasn’t terribly smooth going on, and again, this is my first time using an eyeliner brush. 



But at least it stayed on. I did notice that small charcoal flecks were landing on my cheek, and that only increased when I brushed some of the mix onto my eyelashes as mascara. But hey, at least it was staying on my face. I really do apologize for the lack of quality pictures here. 



The nice thing is, even with this rough first attempt, my eyes are pretty deep set. This means that when my eyes are open, not much of my eyelids are visible. While annoying when trying to display eyeshadows or a good cat-eye, today it helped me out. From a normal distance, this shoddy eyeliner is totally passable. 



So, not an awful first attempt and there is definitely potential there. I’ll need to play around with the mix a bit more. Maybe I’ll finally be able to get my hands on some beeswax, which I think will be helpful. I think adding that may help hold everything together, resulting in less sliding and less flaking. I did notice as I blinked, my eyelashes transferred a vague charcoal like to my brow bone. 

I do, however, have a useful tip for you! I don’t find myself with a ‘gift’ for opening these activated charcoal capsules. They tend to suddenly break apart with a sudden “Piff” and not all of it goes where it’s supposed to. Now say you try something that involves opening one of these little powder bombs. And say your sink ends up looking like a dalmatian. I have the solution! Same as when I used the charcoal for my teeth – wet all the loose powder with a sopping paper towel, and it will take on a dappled look. Then take a totally dry paper towel and it’ll wipe it right up. 

At least I got a cleaning trick out of it. 





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